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The main activity of the company since its establishment has been the construction of hydraulic infrastructure, as follows:

• Plumbing

The company produces water pipelines made of PE the largest of which is Ø600 in diameter and ductile, the largest of which is Ø1000 in diameter.

• Sewers

The company constructs sewage collectors made of PVC, the largest of which is Ø500 in diameter and from polypropylene (PP), the largest of which is Ø1500 in diameter.

• AB collectors

AB collectors of all diameters and dimensions are made, and the largest built so far was the atmospheric collector Ø1600 in Pozarevac.

• Pumping stations

The company Masinokop deals with the construction of pumping stations and booster stations, as well as the installation of hydraulic equipment of all diameters and dimensions. The pumping station of the largest capacity that has been built so far is CS "Siroka bara" Q = 3.2m3 / s.

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